I have slept with many women – Ajagurajah

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Ajagurajah whose real name is Bishop Kwabena Asiamah has in a Facebook live addressed the numerous allegations of rape and money extortion made against him “When I first started Ajagurajah Movement, they called me a ritualist. They said I had slit a pregnant woman’s throat, hid her in the compound and always drank her blood. The police even stormed my house because of that allegation. What didn’t they say about me? Yet, I’m still here. I am focused. Nobody attacks me spiritually because it’ll never work. Unless you resort to physical means and when you resort to physical means, the only thing you can say is that I have slept with some women, stupid!

Ajagurajah would later add he wasn’t in the known his sex life was a thing of interest to Ghanaians “I never knew Ghanaians were concerned about my sex life this much, I will personally public my sex videos for you to watch then. Nothing new can be said, the only thing people will keep saying about me is that I have slept with multitude women, that I like women. Is it because I earlier said that I’ll marry 20 women and have other girlfriends?”

Many women have expressed their allegations against the leader of the Ajagurajah movement by claiming they were brainwashed into spending lavishly on the church after they had approached him with their problems as one woman narrated “He manipulates whoever he sleeps with, turns them into a stooge and extorts money from them, especially those living in the states. He isn’t in to help anyone. He is a demon and has nothing to offer. He always advertises products for spiritual protection but sleeps with a gun strapped around his waist”. A lot of the women who have been extorted are said to be living Abroad


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