My Father didn’t deny me the chance to do music – Okyeame Kwame

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Okyeame Kwame also known as the rap doctor has stated his father didn’t deny him the chance of becoming a rapper.

Okyeame Kwame in an interview with Okay Fm would also disclose how his academia at the time was poor and only persisted with school because of his Father whom he held in high regard and adored very much “I did the second world war and third world war which is now termed as resit several times and it became like a hobby because irrespective of the number of times I sit to study, I still lacked the knowledge. I was doing it for my father whom I adored but it got to a time when I started to pick up in education and that wasn’t easy for me.”

Okyeame Kwame would also reveal how his grandmother was about getting him admission into one of the universities and was even in the process of registering before a sudden change of mind “My grandmother called her uncle who was a lecturer at a university. We were in a queue to get the registration done when I suddenly changed my mind to go and rap in Kumasi. My father was very understanding so I informed him about my decision to quit school and start making music. He then told me he will allow me to pursue my dreams if I promise to attend the university someday. This was in 1996 and in 1997, Akyeame became a hit in Ghana”

He would also conclude by adding that his father was very happy with the success his music career was seeing but would unfortunately not live long enough to see how big he would even eventually become but takes solace from the fact that he at least tasted a bit of his success.


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