Nayas recounts her marital woes

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Nayas, the famous Kumawood actress has recounted in an interview with Delay the ordeal she suffered from her ex-husband.

The actress/Producer had this to say had this to say “I regretted it after four (4) months because my Visa was for just three months. About a week to it’s expiration, I began having regrets but was hopeful things would turn around. When I cast my mind back to the time I was in Ghana, how I was able to eat what I wanted and survived as an independent woman who even took care of my family, I realized I had made a mistake. No help was underway so I decided to stay”

Nayas would also add “We relied on my salary. Even with that, I never touched it without his consent. A number of people gave me money but whenever they did, he took hold of it. He ordered me not to talk to anybody. He claimed all women are depressed and none of the men is of good behaviour so he was the only one I should be engaging. I got bored sometimes. He complained I was disturbing whenever I played songs on my phone; it was more like I had to sleep even when I was not sleepy. I go out to work and when I’m back. I must sleep. It was frustrating and when I complained, he sacked me.”


Nayas also recalled being sacked by her husband from their home “When he sacked me for the first time, I went to the police station. I didn’t go there to report him, I thought they’d bring me home so he wouldn’t sack me again. But they told me it’s not done in Germany. That, if he angrily sacked me, nothing good could be guaranteed when I go back so, they gave me accommodation and I spent about three days there. He later came and begged me so I went back. He sacked me on four occasions”

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