November deadline for completion of La General Hospital OPD unlikely due to onset of rains – Project manager

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Bad weather conditions, coupled with inadequate labor force, are likely to delay the scheduled completion of phase one of the La General Hospital Redevelopment Project.

The government has assured of the completion of the hospital’s Out-Patient Department (OPD) by November this year. But a visit to the project site revealed otherwise. Work had stalled due to the rains.

It has been almost seven months since the commencement of work on the La General Hospital redevelopment project.

Work started after the Finance Ministry released funds following months of agitation from stakeholders.

On many occasions, the government assured the general public that the project’s OPD would be completed by November.

This was affirmed by the site managers, but they quickly projected a delay in the schedule when the rains set in.

It has been weeks of rain, and our visit to the site on Saturday, a rainy day witnessed nothing but workers idling under a shed, with no work happening.

Residents alleged the labourers are paid GHC50 instead of the GHC120, so many of the workforce have quit the job leaving only a few to work on the project.

Aunty Naa, a food joint owner in the neighborhood said the workers mostly buy her food on credit due to the little amount of money they earn as wages.

This was confirmed by some of the former workers we chanced upon at the food joint but spoke on condition of anonymity.

According to them, their foremen are taking GHC100 per day while they are paid GHC50. They said most of them have left because they cannot cope with the conditions of service.

Managers of the project are, however, yet to confirm the concerns of the workers though our investigation revealed that the Health Ministry is aware of the situation at hand.

The 164-bed facility’s master layout includes, along with accommodation for staff members, the main hospital building, an oxygen production plant, a services building, a mortuary, and a car park.


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