Claims of NHIS collapse is inaccurate – NHIA

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The National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA) has strongly rebutted claims made by the Dormaahene, Oseadeeyo Agyeman Badu II, that the NHIS is on the verge of collapse.

In a statement released on Thursday, November 23, the NHIA clarified that while it appreciates the Dormaahene’s call for the government to allocate the full amount of the National Health Insurance Levy (NHIL) to the Scheme, it vehemently opposes the media narrative suggesting that the NHIS is facing imminent collapse due to the government’s failure to provide the full NHIL.

The NHIA emphasized that it has consistently paid healthcare facilities an average of GHS150 million every 30 days, particularly over the past two years, a frequency that has not been experienced since the Scheme’s inception two decades ago.

To further dispel concerns about the NHIS’s financial stability, the NHIA directed the media to its website ( where evidence of monthly claims payments can be readily accessed.

The Authority urged the media to exercise greater diligence in reporting on matters related to the NHIS and refrain from propagating inaccurate or misleading information that could undermine public confidence in the Scheme.

While acknowledging the Dormaahene’s genuine concern for the NHIS’s long-term viability, the NHIA emphasized that it remains committed to providing uninterrupted and quality healthcare services to millions of Ghanaians who rely on the Scheme.

The Authority also reiterated its commitment to working closely with the government to ensure that the NHIL is adequately funded to meet the healthcare needs of Ghanaians.

Below is the full statement

The National Health Insurance Authority’s (NHIA) management has taken notice of a story published on on the 22nd November 2023, with the tagline, “NHIS almost collapsing, stay off the NHI levy – Dormaahene says as he threatens legal action”.

The said story was projected that Dormaahene Oseadeyo Agyeman Badu II bemoaned the current situation of the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS). The highly revered Chief demonstrated concern and dedication to the long-term viability of the Scheme, for which the management of the NHIA is very grateful and appreciative.

His strong plea for the government to leave the National Health Insurance Levy (NHIL) alone and provide it to the NHIA to bolster its functions—particularly the processing of claims for healthcare providers—is warranted.

While management appreciates Osagyefo’s call for the government to give the Scheme the full amount of the NHIL collected, we would like to address the erroneous impression that the reportage created, suggesting that the Scheme is on the verge of collapse because the NHIA is not receiving the full amount of the NHI levy, therefore depriving healthcare providers of their rightful claims.

It is imperative to put on record that no government during the Fourth Republic has ever provided the NHIA with all the NHIL collected albeit enshrined in law – a situation that can be improved upon.

We however strongly disapprove of the media narrative that seeks to create an impression of a collapsing NHIS. The NHIA has consistently paid healthcare facilities an average of One Hundred and Fifty Million Ghana Cedis (GHS150 Million) every Thirty (30) days especially over the past two years. A phenomenon that has not occurred this frequently since the inception of the Scheme some twenty years ago.

Evidence of monthly claims payment can be found on the website ( We wish to state unequivocally that the impression created by the said story is inaccurate and unfortunate.

We hereby encourage the media to find out the real situation that exists in our healthcare facilities and not to paint a picture that is at a considerable distance from the truth. Millions of Ghanaians continue to depend on the NHIS to provide access to healthcare.

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