Stop wearing designer brands if you’re against LGBTQ – Sister Derby

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Sister Derby, the African mermaid has made her opinion known in the ongoing LGBTQ debate which has become a National conversation.

Sister Derby in an interview with ‘Sincerely Accra’ podcast opined most stakeholders and investors in the Showbiz industry as well as the fashion industry were ‘queer’ people thus anyone who was against the LGBTQ community should also desist from patronizing their creations such as designer wears

Sister Derby revealed she had an empathetic thus was passionate about the National conversation regarding the community for queer people “I care a lot and I am passionate enough because I have empathy. Secondly, in my industry, most of the people that are making it happen are part of the LGBTQ community. I don’t even like the fact that it is a community. Why is it a community? We are all humans, right? I don’t see why it should even be different”

She would continue by adding it was wrong to purchase their creations if one was against them as according to the African mermaid, several top designers, makeup artists all belonged to the community of Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transgender “The top fashion designers, the make-up artists, the hair stylists. The top fashion designers in the world, let’s say 99% are queer. So, if you are against queer persons, please stop wearing designer brands”

Sister Derby is usually in the news for the mixed reasons and was recently in the headlines after she was featured by her ex-lover Medikal on a song which attracted a whole storm of a rumored reignited love affair especially as the rapper seems to be having some marital issues with his wife although he would insist it was just the business at the end of the day and the two had nothing outside that.

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