Robbery incident led to the discovery of wife’s pregnancy – Akesse Brempong

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Akesse Brempong, a Ghanaian gospel singer has revealed how the unfortunate incident of a robbery was a blessing in disguise.

According to Akesse Brempong, himself and his wife had for sometime been praying for a fruit of the womb after four years of marriage

Speaking in an interview with Joy Fm, the singer revealed “for four years, we were looking for the fruit of the womb and it wasn’t coming. Then once we were dating we had prophetic words about the children God was going to give us, the kind of home we were [going to build] and a whole lot”

He would continue by adding “One time Dicta [his wife] comes to talk to me, and it leaves me broken. We are going around, doing the Lord’s work, but there is a need in your home. Going around praying for people, seeing some manifestations of the hand of God in their lives, but we have a need. And I went to God in prayer, and the Lord said to me, tell your wife that when I turn her captivity, she will be like a dreamer.

So I said to her, ‘This month and you are going to conceive. I sense that in my spirit”

Recollecting a robbery incident with her wife who at a gunpoint and after reporting the incident to the police, a medical/Doctor’s report would be required which would later lead to the realization of a pregnancy “After examining her, the doctor kept insisting that she should do a pregnancy test. And she was distraught because it was armed robbery, there was a sprain in her arm that is why my mother brought her there so, pregnancy test with a sprain in arm? It meant that when I gave the prophetic word, the month before, she had actually conceived and entered into another month”

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