Teephlow is envious of me, he doesn’t wish me well – Medikal

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Multiple award-winning Ghanaian rapper Medikal has revealed the name of the one artist he will never work with

Medikal in an interview with Givovani Caleb on #3FMDrive earlier today was asked what was that artiste he will never work with in the Ghanaian music industry to which he responded ‘TEEPHLOW’.

According to the AMG Boss, he don’t see himself working with the fante rapper “I don’t see myself doing music with Teephlow. He is envious of me, he is jealous of me, he hates me, he doesn’t wish me well, he wishes to be in my position”

Medikal would go on by revealing what motivated such a strong stance from him revealing something the fante rapper had once said about him which made severed their friendship “Teephlow made a statement way back in covid-19… in an interview he said ‘which artiste can play shows and get money to buy a range over’, so he was trying to say I am doing something illegally”

“When you put me in that position, what are you trying to say? Medikal asked.

Whilst adding they was once very good friends “He was my guy, we play games in my house together”

Meanwhile the rapper who was recently in the news for a rumored breakup with his wife as well as working with his ex Sister Derby rubbished such talks adding his wife was in the known before even the public of a collaboration with the African mermaid “My wife was cool, and I told her I want to do that. She was like this guy. She knows I am stubborn and I do the right thing. It’s normal with women, but she knows the type of person I am, and I am just doing business”

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