Most Ghanaians do not have courage – KKD

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Veteran Ghanaian broadcaster and entrepreneur Kwasi Kyei Darkwa famously known as KKD has outlined what he thinks is reason for a lack of development in Ghana citing such reasons as lack of courage, lack of honesty and because the electorates lack wisdom.

KKD who was speaking in an interview with Onua TV noted Ghana was yet to see the level of development it should have seen because most electorates have weak minds “Some of us who joined queues to vote have weak minds, some are selfish and so they have already taken t-shirts and sardines to go and vote; they do not vote based on wisdom and truth”

He would continue by revealing Ghanaians generally lack courage and to some extent wisdom “Aside from this, most Ghanaians do not have courage. And in a country where only a few people are wise, only few are truthful and only few are courageous, there will be no different”

Meanwhile KKD earlier this week accused the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) of being politically biased hence his removal from the corporation specifically accusing the ruling New Patriotic Party.

Following the revelation of KKD, GBC would release an official statement in response to the allegations “Management of GBC wishes to put it on record that the Corporation does not take instructions from the Government when it comes to content production. Management is fully aware that it will be unlawful for Government to determine who comes on our platforms. GBC is guided by the ethics of public service broadcasting journalism. We do not allow our guests to make allegations against other persons who are not present or do not have the immediate opportunity to respond. We are also not into adversarial journalism, and panelists who adopt a combative style of discourse are not accommodated on GBC’s network. GBC provides opportunities to panelists of all political persuasions to speak on our platforms and may retire them when there is a change in our content plan”

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