Ghanaians react to news of Kidi’s illness

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Following a tweet from Richie who owns Lynx Entertainment, Kidi’s record label, several Ghanaians have been reacting to his tweet with most notably interested in what exactly is wrong with the golden boy. Below are some tweets

‘You gotta dispute rumours with fact. You don’t just tell people to dispel the so-called rumour when you have not provided anything contrary to what has been reported’ @BongoIdeas

‘So whats wrong with him, can you let us know, Even thou we intervening on his behalf when praying’ – @Demi1God1

‘W)booooowa let’s kidi en self come out and talk, shit like this needs verification from him himself not his right hand man’ – @BenCircuite

‘Don’t leave us in the Dark. Tell us what this serious health issue is. If u sell his music to us, we should also know about his health’ -@benjy52yaw

‘He said…. kidi hasn’t had a stroke. Read it again.  This is from Richie Mensah the ceo of the record label.  *kidi hasn’t had a strike* Richie wabon s3 kwakra’ -@Naz201

‘I mean we know how PR works. This tweet doesn’t make the rumors true or false. We will never know and we shouldn’t because it’s none of our business. But whatever he’s going through, I hope he’s OK’ -@mykillSHOTS

‘Amen. I wish the speed at which they are circulating this news would have been the same they use for his projects! What a Ghana?!’ – @dag_enam

‘Ghanaians like rumors too much and they always pray things happen as they made rumors about! Too bad and devilish’ -@raz_melo

‘But what has he had? Cos he confirmed he is not doing well. Tell us what he’s suffering if it’s not stroke. You just can’t post this without telling us what is wrong with him cos clearly there’s a problem’ -@CFC_Chris7

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