Don’t let anybody turn you into a Historian when you’re not – M.anifest to fellow Artists

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Multiple award-winning Ghanaian rapper M.anifest has advised fellow artists to stay away from social and political commentary especially on international platforms unless they were well informed to hold such a conversation.

In an address to the University of Ghana auditorium, M.anifest whose real name is Kwame Ametepee Tsikata  asserted not every artist was suited for such talks as they may lack the capabilities ‘Not every artist is supposed to be a voice for you outside of their music. They might not even have the capability. They will fumble”

M.anifest asserted crafting a song was very different to social, political commentary “To be able able to have clarity of thought about social issues, your political views, ideology, it is very different from being able to put a song together that’s a rallying cry.

He would continue by adding “Tell your people (artists) that ‘Yo, when you get there and they’re asking you these questions, rephrase it and tell them what it is that you do and your part and roles in these things”

The rapper would conclude by adding “Don’t let anybody turn you into a Historian when you’re not and if you want to be, prepare yourself”

M.anifest who recently was a speaker at Havard University in the United States asserted “Africans Ghanaians, Ghanaians seem to always complain about the challenges they are facing but contribute little to solving these problems. If you move to a place with colonial agenda you will be disappointed, there’s something about living in the West. When you come back to Africa, you start to have colonial gaze, the sense of entitlement, you are always upset with everything. You have to check yourself, what have you contributed”

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