I was 12 years old and it happened with somebody I trusted – Eugenia Baffour speaks on Rape experience

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Eugenia Baffour Bankoh, founder of ‘The Safe Space Foundation’ has revealed the trauma she went through as a child due to a rape experience she suffered with someone she ‘trusted’

Speaking at the 2023 edition of ‘Women of Valour’ hosted by Television personality Nana Aba Anamoah, Eugenia Baffour Bankoh revealed she had lived in the darkness for a while as she was unable to come to light with the trauma she had suffered because she felt embarrassed as well as guilt.

Speaking about her experience “The first time I encountered sexual assault and I will call it rape because I am not embarrassed about that anymore. Some years back, I used to be embarrassed talking about it because in our community, it is a taboo to talk something like that… it is not for fans or attention but it did happen to me”

She would continue by adding “I was 12 years old and it happened with somebody I trusted. In Ghana, when growing up, we didn’t have sexual abuse teachings. African mothers avoid such teachings with their children”

Eugenia would also assert the social canker had stretched to our homes and was no more happening under just uncompleted buildings as was the case previously “It doesn’t only happen in uncompleted buildings, it is happening in our homes.. it was damaging for the rest of my life up until I found the courage to do something about my story and my trauma. For a decade, I didn’t know who I was worth or what an identity was”

Child rape has become a serious social canker with several cases often recorded on a Nationwide basis and continues to eat deep into homes.

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