Ghanaian men really can be laissez-faire – Harriet Nartey

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Harriet Nartey, media practitioner has asserted that Ghanaian men as having a relaxed approach to things when they are supposed to be proactive

Speaking on Joy’s Super Morning show alongside John Dumelo “Ghanaian men really can be laissez-faire, there are certain things you expect action, you expect a bit of assertiveness and then they relax and say ‘oh, let’s see how it goes and we will pick it easy, it will find its way’. It can be good times at times, Yes, but there are certain times that action must happen and the Ghanaian man is relaxed and you’re just confused. Every virtue when it gets to the extreme can become a vice

She would conclude her submission by adding “We want to see the Ghanaian man listening more, quick to action, trusting the fact that whoever is offering them is coming from a genuine place, do not think that it is being weaponized against you or there is a motive behind that

Kojo Yankson who played Host however begged to differ as he opinionated men are slow due to their tendency of wanting to be right hence the need for a painstaking assertion of things before making a conclusion “I think Ghanaian men are slow to action generally because we are very deliberate, we want to deliberate and be as sure as possible before we take an action. We hate to be wrong or we hate to throw a resource in the wrong direction, so we want to get it right”

Whilst Co-host Winston Amoah added “If you want peace of mind, the woman is always right, when it gets difficult the men step in and get it done but until then, he wants to sit back and watch you do all the things. And it’s nice when the women are in charge, it’s so peaceful”

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