Lassa Fever: GMA cautions public over its spread, gives precautionary measures

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The Ghana Medical Association (GMA) has warned Ghanaians over a detected Lassa fever making waves in the Ghanaian community, especially in the country’s capital, Accra.

The Ghana Health Service detected the outbreak of disease on 24th February, 2023 and announced it to the public accordingly.

In a statement on Thursday, March 2, the Ghana Medical Association outlined some symptoms of the virus and urged the public to be mindful.

The virus spreads to humans through contact with food or fecal materials.

It can also be transmitted through direct contact with bodily fluids such as; urine, blood, feces, or contaminated clothes and beddings of an infected person.

The GMA, however, acknowledges measures put in place to trace the contacts of the affected persons and also offer psychological support to them.

Currently, the total of confirmed cases stands at 14 as compared to the two cases first reported by the Noguchi Memorial Institute on Friday.

Affected persons include some health professionals and workers who were exposed in their line of duty.

Meanwhile, the GMA has outlined the symptoms and treatment of the illness for proper assessment and precautions to be taken.

Below is the full statement; 

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