‘Don’t try and die oo’ – Shugatiti challenges King Nasir on orgasm comment

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Following Shugatiti’s outcry about no man satisfying her and King Nasir offered to let her experience climax, the actress has advised him not to risk it if he doesn’t want to die.

In response to Shugatiti’s confession that she has never had an orgasm despite having a strong libido, American adult actor King Nasir offered to help the Ghanaian actress have an orgasm.

Taking to his Twitter he wrote; “I can help her have an orgasm”.

But, Shugatiti has replied to him, advising him to back off if he doesn’t want to die soon.

‘Don’t try and die oooo’ she took to her Twitter to warn him.

But, King Nasir also replied to Shugatti’s warning by stating that he is the king of several rounds.
He doesn’t only do one round.

He wrote; ‘I can go multiple rounds‘.

The actress in an interview stated that despite having had intercourse with numerous men, none of the men have ever made her cum.

According to her, she merely likes the enjoyable aspects of sex and always wants to make out with her partner.

Shugatiti further stated that even though none of the guys has been able to make her reach an orgasm, their energy during sexual intercourse is sufficient for her to keep up her strong libido.

The Ghanaian model, actress, video vixen, nudist, and influencer has on several platforms disclosed how much she loves sex and how no man can satisfy her.

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