I honestly don’t know one particular thing that I did right about Downflat – Kelvyn Boy

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Ghanaian Afrobeats crooner Kelvyn Boy has revealed not doing anything extra outside the usual style he approaches his songs with for ‘Downflat’ to become such a huge commercial success

In an interview with Y FM, Kelvyn Boy stated “I honestly don’t know one particular thing that I did right about Downflat. I did what I mostly do with my music. Just what I do every day and same energy for every song I push but for some reasons this one just went out”

The hitmaker continued by adding “I feel like its always God cause you can do your best and sometimes the songs we put a lot of money in and lot potential don’t blow”

Delving into the record itself, Kelvyn Boy also revealed it took him as little as less than half an hour to get the recording done after he linking up with his manager Blakk Cedi whom he says has a studio in his home “It took me less than 30minutes to actually record this song. It was premeditated because I had the beat sent to my mail by Didi and it was like three beats. This was the second beat and was vibing with the melodies but didn’t get the lyrics right the first attempt. Then the first lyric on the song started ringing in my head. I linked with Blakk Cedi because he had a studio at home. This was on a Saturday and it didn’t take more than 30 minutes to finish the work”

‘Downflat’ remains a global big song and has earned two nominations at the 24th Vodafone Ghana Music Awards as ‘Hiplife Song Of The Year’ and ‘Most Popular Song Of The Year’

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