I have had friends who divorced because of film – Majid Michel

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Majid Michel has disclosed in a latest interview that he knows certain friends who have had their marriages dissolved as a result of romantic roles they played in a movie.

Majid Michel who is undoubtedly one of the country’s biggest musical exports in an interview with radio personality, Andy Dotsy reavealed “I have had friends who divorced because of film. The man wanted to enter the industry and his wife was not in support of it. He eventually did and then she left. She could not stand the intimate roles actors play,” he said on Hitz FM.

Majid Michel would however go on to talk about his wife who has been supportive of his career because of her knowledge in Film making “I am lucky to have a partner who grew up in the film. She understands film and knows how it’s done. She knows everything there is to it. She doesn’t have a problem at all”

The actor also revealed his wife usually reads what script he is supposed to act to “She reads the scripts before they come out and knows whom you are going to act the role with” and he further added the importance of choosing a partner who would understand what you do as it is important to work with a clear head “Choosing a partner is very important. It makes or breaks you. The partners are very important, especially the man.”

Majid Michel is today considered one of the finest romantic actors whose naughtiness in movies has earned a very large following in a career that goes as back as 2003 when he featured in the farm-house produced ‘Things We do For Love’ Ghanaian series and has since gone on to become a household name in the Ghanaian movie industry


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