Blakk Rasta fires back at Critics

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Blakk Rasta, controversial artiste and socialite has launched a full attack on presidential staffer Charles Nii Tagoe for ridiculing his song and subsequently asking him to apologize to Sarkodie

Blakk Rasta has been vocal about his disappointment in Sarkodie for being unable to live up to his billing in the posthumous collaboration with Bob Marley and has now switched his focus to Charles Nii Tagoe

Blakk Rasta in his response wrote “Dear Mr Tagoe, IGNORANCE is when a disgracefully deported PRESIDENTIAL STASHER (Not staffer) does not know that not every song must have linguistical, UNDERSTANDABLE lyrics to be termed a great one.Sad you didn’t know the legend Bob Marley you referred to has a BUFFALO SOLDIER song with a ear-bug hook (Wo yoo yoo Woyoyo yoo) which is in no particular language. It is an ONOMATOPOEIA. Same way, Stonebwoy’s PUTUU falls in this category. When you see Stonebwoy, tell him he is not qualified to be called a Reggae/Dancehall artiste”

Blakk Rasta would then add “Has your ignorant self ever heard ON A RAGGA TIP by SL2? Tweaaaa… You are only qualified to be a presidential ‘staffer’ under a SLEEPING PRESIDENT. Even you claim you have a certain ridiculous qualification. Stick to your day job, sir! Come again….! Anyways, listen to the full song and see if it makes sense or not. Cut and paste is dangerous”

Blakk Rasta’s post was in response to Presidential staffer Charles Nii Teiko Tagoe facebook post ridiculing the former’s chinese-inspired hook “Dear Charles Takyi-Boadu, Extend my warm greetings to the Abusuapanin of the Bob Marley family nationwide, Abusuapanin Blakk Rasta. Please tell him that the least he can do right now, is to use the same medium, platforms and just render an unqualified apology to Sarkodie. After watching this video, I don’t think he even qualifies to call himself a Reggae artist. I wonder what Bob Marley himself will say after watching this video. Tell him to just apologize to Sarkodie”


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