Ernest Opoku recounts how he was sexually harrassed in a public transport

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Gospel artist Ernest Opoku has been on a tangent of revelations this past few days from waking up a dead boy with his song to being arrested on smuggling charges in Germany and now he is blowing our heads off with another mind-blowing revelation

According to Ernest Opoku, he was once sexually harassed while travelling from Kumasi to Accra on an intercity bus.

Speaking on Akoma FM, the ‘Onyame Tease’ hitmaker said whilst travelling in the evening, he sat next to a lady who continually kept dozing off and leaning against him to which he would make several attempts to let her position herself well but would be to no attempt as she seemed to have being so deep into the sleep

Ernest Opoku said he decided to give up on focus on the music he was listening to and while at it, he fell fast asleep and the lady took advantage of him.

According to the singer whilst sleeping, he felt some hand over him but assumed it was a dream thus did not open his eyes

However, when the act persisted, the musician said it felt strange, thus woke up only to see his trousers open with the lady’s hand and mouth on his manhood.

In shock, Ernest Opoku said he screamed ‘Jesus’ and hit the lady on her back.

The lady who apologised claimed she thought she was dreaming.

It is strange he usually has people around during moments of this constant craze he goes through yet interestingly, nobody ever came out to affirm his account of things, gospel artists go through a lot especially when you are as famous as Ernest Opoku.

Kindly share your thought and opinion on this latest account of his via our comment session, this has been your errand boy with words as feet!

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