Whitemoney makes shocking revelation about some Big Brother Nija female contestants

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Nigerian singer, songwriter, actor, and reality TV star Whitemoney has shaken the social media table with his latest revelation about some of the female housemates of Big Brother Naija revealing most of these female contestants come to him seeking for connections

According to Whitemoney, the women in question often request to be introduced to his rich associates, such as Obi Cubana, under the guise of wanting to “chill” with them and would go on by stating these women were not interested in business opportunities but rather just the lavish life they see

Following his revelation, Whitemoney stirred up significant reactions from the Nigerian public, with many people questioning the motives of the female housemates in the reality TV show (Big Brother Naija) with some criticizing the show for promoting materialism and superficiality, while others have defended the contestants and accused Whitemoney of unfairly stereotyping them.

The light at the end of the tunnel however from Whitemoney’s revelation is starting a rather important conversation about the values and expectations of Nigerian society. In a country where wealth and status are often highly valued, it is not surprising that some people may be attracted to the idea of associating with influential individuals. However, it is important to remember that true success and fulfilment come from personal achievement, not just from one’s social circle.

The socialite was recently in the news after claiming it was nearly impossible for you as a man to have the attention of a woman if you’re not financially stable stating ’99.9’ of Nigerian women wouldn’t give you a listening ear unless ‘you were talking the money language’ as money has become the focus for most of these ladies regardless one’s values.

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