This is what Atta ne Atta were able to build in 73 hours – Kwame A Plus blasts Government over stage mounted

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Following the visit by the Vice President of the United States to Ghana, controversial Ghanaian socialite Kwame A Plus has along several Ghanaians been reacting to the stage mounted to welcome her

‘You watch the Champions League final or the World Cup in Qatar, and within a matter of minutes, a beautiful podium is built for presentation. You watch the Super Bowl halftime show, and within the twinkle of an eye, the whole playing field is turned into a gorgeous stage for a musical concert. Here in Umofia, this is what Atta ne Atta were able to build in 73 hours; the most annoying part is that this caricature will be more expensive than any of the aforementioned’ -@kwameaplus


Dear International Monetary Fund, before you give them the loan, ask them how much was spent to build this Susubribi village square, and you’ll know what your money will be used for.

‘All of this setup was very unnecessary. There’s absolutely no way Bawumia will visit the United States of America and ever be welcome in that way. You cry broke yet, goes around and waste funds on this?’ – @acculsopix

‘They overdid it with the Kente cloth. It would have been fine without it. They meant well by displaying kente as a national symbol but it wasn’t properly done’ – @makwesi

‘Everything biaaa you guys go talk, if they spent billions to do that too same will complain we give the whites so much respect than our own. You guys are making this country ungovernable. You no dey like Ghana pass we’ – @iamkobe_gh

‘they better not charge more than $500 for this….we already know yaanom will say a million $’ -@mamigee1

‘the guy in charge will definitely buy his side chic a new range rover pɛɛɛ’ -@ranrr

‘this is when a project is Given to Friends,Families n whom you know to do it n keep the much left money instead of given to Professionals’ -@nana_ot_90

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