Elikem Kumordzie hits back at critics

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Elikem Kumordzie the tailor has come back to hit hard at critics who trolled and ridiculed him for calling out Sarkodie after the former made a post highlighting an ill-buttoned shirt in an Instagram post earlier this month.

Elikem Kumordzie during an interview with UTV via a phone-in, the tailor would apologize for his actions many termed as ‘Disrespectful’ as he said “We’ve all been at a stage where our buttons didn’t sit in the right places of our shirts and we learned our way out of it, we grew and we evolved to become one of the best in the country. Growth is necessary and one way to grow is to notice our mistakes and pay attention to the lessons that come with them, there’s always a lesson lurking around every adversity. So by all means, let’s evolve and move up”

Elikem Kumordzie would later after the interview post via his Instagram page “Empty barrels make the most noise. And they are still here, because they know the boy is blessed and they are curious to see how we still win. My life’s your entertainment, you watch it whilst I live it. You can still call me THE AYIGBE KANYE”

He would then conclude by recalling a similar post he made about a designer but had no reaction and wondered why same shouldn’t hold for Sarkodie “I made this post about another designer three or four years ago and nobody said nothing. Now I have done the same to Sarkodie and it’s a big deal. I’m guessing because it’s Sarkodie and the level of his success. I don’t know why this has become a big deal. That’s what overwhelms me”


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