Sonnie Badu: Prophet Kumchacha advocates for eating of Pork

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Prophet Kumchacha, the controversial prophet has responded to statements made earlier by Preacher and singer, Sonnie Badu, about the need to avoid eating pork because it an ‘unclean’ animal.

According to Prophet Kumchacha whose real name is Nicholas Osei, there is no biblical evidence to assert such claims as Pork being an unholy animal and thus shouldn’t be consumed.

In an interview, here’s what the prophet had to say “When you read the Bible, pork is not listed in the things that defiles the human body. I love pork meat because it is tasty. So, I will plead with my brother Sonnie Badu not to condemn my favourite. When you go to East Legon, you see rich people lined up with expensive cars to buy pork. It is wealthy and important people who eat pork. So, no one claim that because Jesus commanded the evil spirit to enter into some pigs, it is not good for consumption”


He would conclude by adding “While that is true, those pigs run and drowned in the sea and it is the fishes that eat dead animals in the sea, so if you don’t eat pork then stop eating sea fish and allow us to eat our pork”

Sonnie Badu had earlier in the month asserted Pork was an unclean animal and thus unfit for consumption “What do you think an unclean animal is? In order words, when that unclean animal is found in you spiritually, it gives the witch quick access to jump in. Anything that has pork, pork is unclean! Even when you go to the Chinese restaurant and they ask for your order and you say pork, they keep asking you just to be sure, because they are aware of the kind of animal you are requesting to have”

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