Don’t give your body to every man – Aisha Modi

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Aisha Modi is again in the news, this time for the right reasons, as she has advised young girls to be careful who they give their body to.

Aisha Modi recently revealed no man has been part of her success story minus her husband “I have done so much, not many Ghanaian men are part of my success. My husband is the first man I have lived with who has given me money. I stayed with Ofori Amponsah for twelve (12) years and when money from our shows came in, it landed straight in my bank account”

And in the latest video, she shared with her followers and fans, Aisha Modi had to say “Don’t let any young girl think she must sleep with a man. Some of the big men who sleep with you use your luck for rituals. Sex is a spiritual thing. Don’t take sex for granted. Don’t think you don’t like a man, but you need him for his money and before you realize it, a man will have taken your spiritual gifts away from you. Before you know it, a young man has taken your spirit somewhere. There is more in the world than meets the eye.”

The controversial socialite and music investor would then conclude by adding “The young girl who have come to you should have thus at the back of their minds. You can use 1000 cedis. I can use my page to promote it for you. I am a brand influencer, and my page has been verified.”


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