Reggie Rockstone advises Young people

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Reggie Rockstone, widely acclaimed as the Grandpapa of the hiplife genre in Ghana has bemoaned the bad behaviour of certain young people who are quick to call industry players names as well as stressing the need to appreciate the good works of others as well as pushing Ghanaian music in the right direction!

Reggie Rockstone who was on the Accra-based Showbiz 927 on 3FM urged Ghanaians to be aggressive in pushing their own style and sound or risk losing grips of time and suffering a retrogression as well as emphasizing the implications of continuously criticizing and lessening other musicians’ achievements as he believes this is bad for the image of Ghana’s music. Here’s what he had to say; “Sometimes I do worry because young people will come to Twitter and talk the most trash to an old Gee. And I’m thinking to myself, do you realize I am the most important person to you young people? I’m the reason you have a voice. I’m the reason you can wear your dreadlocks. You can do this and do that.”

Reggie Rockstone would also correct the misconception that British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) was the first to document the Hiplife genre as it had previously been documented by Professor Jesse Weaver Shipley in the book ‘Living the Hiplife’ but this was not known to the population since Ghanaians did not care to check according to him

Reggie Rockstone would then conclude by calling for a collective effort of appreciating our own and processing all that negative energy into a positive one that will be beneficial to Ghanaian music, the need for constructive criticism.


What do you make of the legend’s words of advice, kindly share your thoughts and opinions with us via our comments session, this has been your errand boy with words as feet!

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