Ayisha Modi reveals killing over 200 American old women with injection (WATCH)

Ayisha Modi, has caused a stir on social media after revealing her job in the United States.

Ayisha Modi has sent people talking after disclosing that she has killed over 200 old women in the United States.

According to her, she works as an Assisted Living Care officer in the United States, helping the aged live without stress.

In an interview with Kofi Adoma, Ayisha Modi disclosed that she is trained to do her job and licenced to kill people who wish to die.

Ayisha Modi revealed that she gives an injection to ease their pain and it gradually kills them.

She added that she had killed over 200 people doing that job and she is permitted by the law to do it.

She went on to show off the face of a woman she injected to die, claiming that was the last shot she gave.

Following her revelation, Ayisha Modi has come under intense criticism.

Social media users are blasting her for revealing too much and going against the ethics of her job.

Some also doubt that Ayisha Modi has the right to kill people in the U.S. as she is claiming.

Watch the video below;

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