Ghanaians are now hailing Bob Marley after calling him weed smoker – Countryman Songo reacts to Bob Marley’s song with Sarkodie

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Presenter Countryman Songo has shared his thoughts on Bob Marley and Sarkodie’s “Stir It Up,” song.

Countryman Songo stated on his popular TV show “Fire For Fire” how Ghanaians have now seen the impact of Weed smokers’ song after Sarkodie featured on the remix of Bob Marley’s “Stir It Up” song.

According to him, people are hesitant to judge and dismiss reggae songs because of the genre and how its singers are stereotyped as weed smokers.

Songo also said that since rapper Bob Marley featured rapper Sarkodie on his song, people have been praising and jamming to the song, forgetting it is a weed smoker’s song just as they always say.

“Now you see the impact of weed smokers song after Sarkodie appeared on the same project with legendary Bob Marley on his “Stir It Up” song.

“Most people don’t have time to listen to the gospel words in the reggae song, but they always condemn it because it comes from someone who smokes marijuana,” Countryman Songo added.

Watch the video below;

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