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Ama Governor denied Call to the Bar for the second time

Ghanaian YouTuber, Ama Governor has for the second time been denied a call to the Bar.

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Ghanaian YouTuber, Elorm Ababio, popularly called Ama Governor, has for the second time been denied a call to the Bar.

This means she will not be part of a ceremony set for Friday, October 20, 2023, to formally join the profession.

The development was announced in a letter addressed to Ama Governor and signed by the Judicial Secretary, Justice Cyra Pamela Koranteng (JA).

The letter explained the directive is from the General Legal Council (GLC).

“At the meeting of the General Legal Council held on Tuesday, October 17, 2023, your application to be called to the bar was declined on account of elements noted in your public conduct prior to the application.

“You may complete appropriate forms for application to be called to the bar, any time there is a scheduled enrollment ceremony after the 20th October, 2023 enrollment ceremony,” the letter read.

“In the meantime, Council will continue to monitor your conduct,” the letter concluded.

The law student’s call to the bar was first put on hold in 2022 despite her successful completion of the professional law programme that saw her pass her exams and scale the interview session as well.

This was on the back of a complaint the GLC said it received from a ‘concerned citizen’ alleging that she ‘lacks good character’.”

However, the aggrieved student indicated she was not informed of the specific charges or allegations of misconduct brought against her and described GLC as unfair.

But in September 2023, the GLC at the bar conference announced she was being considered by a committee that had permitted her to begin applications to be called to the bar for the October/November 2023 sessions.

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