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CJ justifies refusal to call certain people to the Bar

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Elorm Ababio, the law student barred from being called to the bar in 2022 has replied Chief Justice Gertrude Torkornoo over her recent justification of the General Legal Council’s decision to refuse certain people from being called for different reasons.

Ms. Ababio, alias Ama Governor, had her call to the Bar suspended despite having passed all required examinations.

At the time, the General Legal Council (GLC) citing a petition filed against the conduct of Ms. Ababio by one Hajia Siduri, decided to put her Call to the Bar on ice.

Speaking to the issue at an event in Accra (July 31), which video has gone viral on Twitter, the CJ said she was surprised at the outrage that greeted the decision of the GLC.

She said “when somebody has behaved in a certain way we say and we say we cannot call the person to the Bar, I was surprised at the furriery that rose up concerning the call to the bar of certain people, like seriously?

“This is proper conduct for the legal sector. That’s interesting. Anyway, so for you to come into our space and to come into the space of the legal sector, your conduct cannot be obscene and offensive and you expect that you’ll be admitted. It doesn’t work like that.

Your comments on social media, your ex parte communications for Judges is extremely critical,” she emphasized in the video below which is going viral.

Ama retweeted a video of the CJ making the justification and posted an elaborate reply which described the continued citing of her case as “cruel.”

She also asserted that she was a victim of character assassination and spread of false information.

“Respectfully, I am still waiting to be told what my improper conduct was from 6th Nov, 2022 till date. I cannot handle this tarnishing of image and spread of false information about the true facts of the events that took place for much longer. This is cruel,” her first tweet read.


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