Funeral for Kikibees CEO scheduled for Dec. 9

One-week memorial for the late CEO of Kikibees, Bennet Adomah Agyekum has been held.

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The one-week memorial for the late CEO of Kikibees and Noir Lounge, Bennet Adomah Agyekum has been held.

The solemn service took place on October 19, 2023, with the presence of family, friends, and sympathizers.

During the observation, his wife was captured in a deeply sorrowful state.

Throughout the event, the widow was accompanied by her family, who made sincere efforts to provide comfort, though it proved challenging.

At one point, she stood before her late husband’s portrait, overcome by tears, and nearly lost her balance.

In the meantime, the final funeral rites for the late businessman have been scheduled for December 9th and 10th, 2023.

It will take place at the forecourt of the East Legon Executive Clubhouse in Accra.

Watch the video below;

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