You can’t survive solely on acting in Ghana – Vicky Zugah

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Actress Vicky Zugah is advising young actresses not to succumb to the temptation of relying only on acting for survival in light of the status of the Ghanaian film industry.

She said that because the movie industry was not currently profitable, they needed to support their sources of income with other jobs.

“If a young person approaches me to talk of their interest in acting, I will advise the person to have another means of income.

“I will guide them to have another profession on the side because depending merely on movies is not advisable because it is not reliable.

“The current movie industry in Ghana is not something you can solely depend on. It could get better but for now it is better to get something on the side to keep you going,” she said.

Vicky has experienced her fair share of abusive relationships, which has caused her to be quite wary of men.

She’s now single, yet despite this, she’s not in a rush to find love.

Vicky made this revelation when Graphic Showbiz reached out to her recently. “I am not in a relationship, it is not in my plans for now. I have other things to concentrate on. When guys approach me, we talk for some time and then if it is not working for me, I just back off.”

“My preference is a man with ambition, a hardworking guy, God-fearing, gentle, respectful and loving. I am not looking for a perfect person but he needs to be above average for me,” she stated.

Vicky hosts “The Red Light” show, a sex-related program on UTV, and says that the response has been very positive. “We are now in our third year and the feedback has been great and we are really happy about it,” she said.

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