You can ask all the witches and wizards – Dr Sonnie Badu dares

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Dr Sonnie Badu has in a new interview responded to critics who chided his advice against eating pork.

Dr Sonnie Badu is a singer and preacher based in the United States as well as the founder of Rockhill Chapel challenged in a new interview with ‘Angel in the Morning show’ asked his critics “You can ask all the witches and wizards! And all of us are not pure therefore the witchcrafts get the chance of trapping us and what gives them the opportunity to destroy us is food and what food is it? It is pork. You can ask all witchcrafts”

Dr Sonnie Badu would conclude by adding “Please you can eat everything you wish to. They sit down and quote the scripture that Jesus Christ said he has sanctified all things therefore they can eat of it but are you clean? Do you qualify to even say that?”

The Preacher/Singer was earlier challenged by Prophet Kumchacha “When you read the Bible, pork is not listed in the things that defile the human body. I love pork meat because it is tasty. So, I will plead with my brother Sonnie Badu not to condemn my favourite. When you go to East Legon, you see rich people lined up with expensive cars to buy pork. It is wealthy and important people who eat pork. So, no one claim that because Jesus commanded the evil spirit to enter into some pigs, it is not good for consumption. While that is true, those pigs run and drowned in the sea and it is the fishes that eat dead animals in the sea, so if you don’t eat pork then stop eating sea fish and allow us to eat our pork”

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