We work for money, not sympathy – Nana Agradaa

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Nana Agradaa has jumped to the defence of Nana Ama McBrown following the latter’s decision to join Media General, a move some are still not happy with

The fetish priestess turn Evangelist begs to differ from the critics citing it was a prudent business move as we work for money and not sympathy

In an Instagram video, Nana Agradaa asserted “McBrown says she is business minded. Today that she has been bought by the Onua people, tomorrow if someone comes with a bigger offer, McBrown will go”

Nana Agradaa also added “We work for money, we don’t work for sympathy. We don’t work for people because of who we know and what they have done for us. When it comes money, do you think McBrown will just sit there and accept anything?”

The evangelist would conclude by adding “when it is raining honey, who will turn his or her back to it than opening your mouth for it?”

Meanwhile Nana Ama McBrown who is at the centre of it all asserted since she deserves where she is currently, she cannot bother herself with whatever people make of her decision to join Media General and that she leaves them to God “Whoever is saying what about me, I leave that person to God because I know myself and I know I have worked my way through here. I didn’t come here just for the sake of my beauty or maybe my smile. I have worked to make my smile impactful. I am here because I have worked, oh Jonnie I have worked!” whilst admitting she wasn’t expecting such grandeur of welcomes “You have no idea…I wasn’t expecting the grand welcome…to have Captain Smart and the rest to wear my t-shirt with Berla around going live, yourself, Jonnie, the drums. I wasn’t expecting that, It was beautiful. Right there, I felt home”

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