Don’t build a life with someone because of ‘Breats & Buttocks’ – Charlotte Oduro

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Charlotte Oduro, Ghanaian marriage and relationship counsellor has asserted it would be prudent for men to look beyond physical attributes such as Buttocks and breasts when looking for a partner to build a life with

Charlotte Oduro who is one of Ghana’s most prominent names in the Counseling space added that it was a sign of immaturity for a man to be moved by physical attractions when it comes to choosing someone he wants to build a life by insisting that a man who understands his vision and knows what he wants out of life would never be moved by what he sees in a lady’s stature.

Charlotte Oduro during an interview with Abeiku Santana revealed “Any mature man who knows where he is heading in life and understands his vision, not the one looking for buttocks and breasts is beyond that”

The councilor would continue by adding “I want the point to be clear; If God blesses you with buttocks and breasts as a man, then, Hallelujah. But then, looking for a partner to build a life with is not about buttocks and breasts”

She noted it was for this reason women go in for surgeries as it is what the men want to see “That’s why women’s priorities today are to have breasts and buttocks, that’s your decision”

She, however, was very clear on insisting that having such physical endowments such as buttocks and breasts is no bad thing but that shouldn’t be a focus when looking to have a partner you want to build a life with.

She would conclude by adding“But let me tell you the truth if you want to enhance your breasts and buttocks, even after a hundred years, the truth is truth. What isn’t natural are the effects that come with it”

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