‘We have to think about the whole infrastructure’ – Angelique Kidjo on Grammy

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African Music legend Angelique Kidjo has emphasized the need for the Grammys to equalize opportunities for both genders if it is to survive

In an interview, Angelique Kidjo who is also a trustee for the award scheme revealed “The music industry is dominated by men, so we have to think about the whole infrastructure, We are working on it”

Several whispers of doubt were made when John Batiste beat Olivia Rodrigo, Billie Eilish, Taylor Swift and the combined talents of Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga to win album of the year in 2022; while this year’s ceremony saw Harry Styles pick up the same award over Beyoncé’s celebrated disco opus Renaissance.

However, Angelique Kidjo suggested “I think what is important for us to understand when it comes to Recording Academy is that we are musicians, we are producers and we have a different way, perhaps, of listening to music than the public. That’s what makes the Grammy Awards so important. We are honoured by our peers. So if all of us come together and decide that’s what it is, then that’s what it is.”

When asked if she would work on a project with Styles if the opportunity availed, the five (5) time Grammy winner quickly responded “Why not? I mean, hey, he sings beautifully, so I’m open.”

The singer recounted some difficulties she had to surmount before meeting fame adding “When you’re a young girl singing in Benin, and anywhere in Africa, man, you are against so many odds”

She would then conclude by adding “Because the society, conservative as it is, says we don’t have an identity when we are born. We are a product that our father [can] take and can marry to anybody”

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