Eric Noah King reveals how he used to steal from Church offering just to buy drugs

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Eric Noah King, a Ghanaian Radio presenter who has worked with several radio stations across the lengths and breadth of the country has recounted how his drug addiction became so strong he would resort to stealing money from Church’s offertory.

According to Eric Noah King who was speaking on Joy FM, he sold all his belongings, stopped working, and spent his time in ghettos because of drugs.

Eric Noah King explained that his addiction was so strong that it got to a time, he was even robbing money from the offertory bowl in a church so he could buy crack to satisfy his cravings

In his words “I was a personal assistant to a man of God and when the offering came and we were counting the money, I would be picking some of the envelopes”

The presenter also revealed he was neglected by his family “None of my family members wants to have anything to do with me”

He would continue by adding addiction to such substance was nor ordinary thing “It’s a spiritual thing, so if you take spirituality out of cocaine and heroin addiction, you’ve missed the goal, you’ve missed the mark. Trust me”

Eric Noah King would conlcude by adding “I realised that I needed to eat the humble pie, come down low and then see what God would do in my life if I chose a rehab centre. And trust me even since I stepped foot at the Chosen Rebab Centre my life has been transformed for good. I am now indomnitable like the sand, impeccable like the moon and inexplicable like the stars. This is the doing of the Lord and it is marvelous in our eyes”

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