Stop attacking pork eaters when you have tattoos – Kumchacha tackles Sonnie Badu

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The General Overseer of the Heaven’s Gate Ministries, Rev. Nicholas Osei popularly known as Kumchacha says UK based Ghanaian artiste, Sonnie Badu has no business condemning Christians who eat pork when he has tattoos on his body.

Speaking on Kingdom Radio recently, the controversial man of God insinuated that the “My soul say yes”  hitmaker should not be a hypocrite by calling out Christians who are pork eaters when he is probably worse with inking his body.

“What Sonnie Badu said was quoted from the book of Leviticus 11. But he [Badu] failed to add verses 19-28, which speak against tattoos. It says we shouldn’t draw tattoos of either the living or dead on our bodies.

“He [Badu] was able to talk about the part of Leviticus which focuses on pork but left out the part which speaks against the tattoos he has all over his body.

“In Deuteronomy, the Bible permitted God’s people to eat pork. I want to tell Sonnie Badu that even the pork isn’t enough for us. We are not getting more of it these days,” he said.

Sonnie Badu, came under attack when he cautioned Christians to be wary of certain kinds of animals they consume as some could make them easily accessible to all demons.

According to him, the Bible had declared some animals including pigs, unclean and as such, Christians must flee from them.

While addressing his congregants, cited ‘pork meat’ as one unclean meal that attracts evil spirits.

Sonnie Badu however, also asked Christians to always pray before eating, adding that, some of these meals, particularly those bought from restaurants, are prepared by demonic agents.

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