Pastor finally buried after family waited for almost 2 years for him to resurrect

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The corpse of a popular pastor who died on August 15, 2021, has finally been buried hesitantly following a court order against the decision of his family and the church to keep the man of God’s body until he resurrects.

The South African pastor, Siva Moodley was laid to rest at Westpark Cemetery in Johannesburg, in the presence of his siblings and extended family on March 16 after the mortuary went to court to seek an order for his burial.

The body of the founder of The Miracle Centre in Gauteng, north of Johannesburg remained in the mortuary for about 600 days because his family and the leadership of his church refused to accept his death, insisting that he would resurrect.

According to, his wife and other members of his family visited the mortuary to pray for his resurrection but they stopped a few months and refused to give their consent for Moodley’s burial or cremation.

After contacting the family of the pastor to have them take his remains for burial failed the owner of the mortuary proceeded to the Gauteng High Court in Johannesburg to seek an order for his burial.

“It is a civil matter. I cannot make the decision to bury or cremate him on my own. It has to come from his family but they are not saying anything. He was a well-known man and does not deserve this kind of treatment. I hope the court can provide some relief,” quotes the owner of the mortuary as saying.

The court then gave an order for Moodley’s burial to avoid health hazards that it might pose.

Being unhappy about the court’s decision, the late man of God’s wife, Jessie who claimed to have had a vision about his resurrection, and their two children did not attend the funeral service.

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