Spokesperson for #New Force arrested; charged with falsifying documents for resident permit

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An emerging political movement, New Force, has raised concerns about the arrest of its spokesperson Shalimar Abbiusi.

The group says Ms. Abbiusi, responsible for New Force’s diaspora and diplomatic engagements, was initially invited for a discussion on Monday, December 4, 2023, but has not been released since.

Ms Abbiusi was first seen publicly in a video announcing preparations to unveil their plan for the next election.

Among others, the video highlighted the suffering of Ghanaians under the Akufo-Addo administration using recent demonstrations to question the role of leadership in addressing the concerns of the citizenry.

During her reported 4-day detention by the National Investigations Bureau (NIB), the group claims Ms. Abbiusi faced continuous questioning about The New Force, its backers, and potential presidential aspirations.

In a press release on Thursday, December 7, The New Force alleges that she has been denied access to legal representation, subjected to an unlawful search of her premises, and held beyond the legal 48-hour limit without formal charges.

Despite authorities’ claims of investigating The New Force’s origins, the movement emphasizes that having a political organization is not a criminal offense.

Ms. Abbiusi’s arbitrary detention, per the New Forces’ press release, raises serious concerns about power abuse, persecution of perceived political opponents, and multiple human rights violations.

Authorities, questioning the validity of Ms. Abbiusi’s residence permit, temporarily charged her with an offense, alleging document verification issues.


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