#TheNewForce warns Sam Ankrah to stop claiming he is originator of “Man in the Mask” campaign

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The New Force group has said their attention has been drawn to certain images circulated by one Sam Ankrah, an independent presidential candidate, on social media purporting to be the originator of the viral “The Man in the Mask” campaign it has created.

They also said they noticed subsequent media publications commissioned by him projecting himself to be “The Man in the Mask.”

“We wish to state categorically that the said Sam Ankrah has no connection to the creative concept, design, and inventive process that developed the ‘The Man in the Mask’ campaign. We are disappointed that Mr. Sam Ankrah has sought to deliberately exploit the ingenuity of young Ghanaians and coopted their vision and creativity to project dubious political ambitions. We consider his conduct to be reprehensible and evidence of a lack of credibility that undermines him as a person as well as someone capable of leading a new political vision for a country that is in need of a clean break from the kind of dirty politics we witness on a daily basis.

“On the advice of our lawyers, our team will be filing a complaint with the Electoral Commission against him for violating Section 6 of the Political Parties Act 2000 (Act 526). His conduct constitutes an offence under that Act, and makes him liable to be punished with a term of imprisonment not exceeding two years. Further, We reserve our right to consider civil action against him for infringement of our intellectual property rights including our right over the original artistic and creative works, in the graphics, images, and original text; and the symbols, logos, and distinctive visual layout or presentation

“We demand that he immediately cease and desist from any further use, reproduction, distribution, or modification of our intellectual property. We request further that he deletes the images on all of his platforms, and that he put up an appropriate statement apologizing for the infringement, immediately.” a statement they issued said.

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