Sarkodie talks Bob Marley collab

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Sarkodie has revealed one of the highest points in his career was working on the ‘stir it up’ remix with the wailers.

In an interview with Pulse, Sarkodie revealed how he initially thought it was a hoax because he didn’t believe it when his team was reached out to “My manager told me that the label has an interest in us jumping on the project. In the beginning, I didn’t believe it. I didn’t pay attention to it because I didn’t believe it was possible until we went to London and met with the label, and they sent me the vocals. It’s one of the biggest highlights of my life to date”

Sarkodie would continue by adding “The family were very supportive of the remix. They heard my verse and they gave their blessings and they also posted the songs. I haven’t met them yet but I will be in Jamaica for the first time soon so I hope to meet them. It was a big task. It wasn’t my usual recording session because I’m laying my verse next to the legend on a song people already love. The pressure was there but in between, I have not to snap out of it and just do me. But I made sure that the lyrics were appropriate and I came up with the melody and the flow of the rap before infusing the lyrics”

Ghana’s rap Landlord would also reveal he did two verses before eventually settling on the second “So I kind of did two verses. The first one was dominated by English and the family insisted that they wanted more of my language so I did the second one which is on the song”

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