Ronny’s demise hit me pretty hard – Prince Bright

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Celebrated Hip-life artist Prince Bright has disclosed what the passing away of Ronnie who was the other member of the music Duo ‘BukBak’ did to him as he nearly lost his mind

Prince Bright who was speaking on E-Vibes USA Series with Becky stated the loss of his other colleague hit him hard and that he is actually he is yet to recover as he still to this day cannot believe he is no more here although it’s been almost a decade since his passing way

According to Prince Bright “Ronny’s demise hit me pretty hard. I wasn’t missing him much when he was in Ghana and I know he could just fly over anytime and come hang out with me. His demise hit me so hard in the sense that this person will not be able to wear the size 30s I will get him in the shops”

The Hitmaker revealed how his daily routine revolved around him and how his death made him lost sanity for a while “He will not be able to eat with me when I want him to. He will not be the fatherly figure he has always been for me. My daily routine revolves around Ronny. Losing him, I will say I lost my mind, I went really crazy”

He would continue by adding “I literally lost my mind because this was somebody who has been there for me when nobody was. Ronny leaving me was a big blow to me. I don’t think I have been able to get myself back yet”

Ronny Coaches passed away at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital after suffering a heart attack in 2013 on November 21st with his remains laid to rest at the Osu cemetery.

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