Morgan Mojo talks Sarkodie Collaboration with ‘The Wailers’

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Morgan Mojo, One-third of the legendary Reggae group Morgan Heritage has opened up the metamorphosis of Reggae music over the years whilst speaking on the collaboration between ‘The wailers’ and Sarkodie

Morgan Mojo revealed “We went on tour with Rock and Roll icons like Bad Religion, NOFX, Legendary artists like 311, this was back in 2001/2002 on a tour called the Vans warped Tour. Nothing but Punk Rock music but the owner and producer of that tour- big ups our brother kevin Limon, he came to see us perform in the late 90s”

He continued by adding “At Bob Marley Reggae festival in Long Beach, California and San Diego where he was the stage or production manager. And he said that it is the sound that he grew up on when he discovered Peter Tosh and Bob Marley in the 80’s as a kid and he wanted his Punk Rock audience to get into that because the message of Punk Rock music was very similar to traditional Roots Reggae music; that revolutionary, social commentary and it was a success. We did it two years, back to back”

Morgan Mojo would add “So that’s where music is today. So it’s really important that these barriers that we’re putting up. I don’t know why we as Black People always have to create these barriers amongst us but I don’t really think its necessary. Because its music at the end of the day, music is free”

He also spoke on the collaboration between legendary reggae group ‘The Wailers’ and Sarkodie on the classic Bob Marley ‘Stir it up’ stating it is the way of making the old new again “How do you make what’s old new again, how do we introduce a new generation to an old generation ?”

And he further added “Like you guys grew up on our (Morgan Heritage) music. How did that happen? Because your parents were listening to it”

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