REACTIONS : Elikem Kumordzie roasted by Ghanaians

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Elikem Kumordzie the tailor following his post about Sarkodie’s outfit has attracted the wrath of some Ghanaians who feel he was unprofessional in his approach with some even questioning his sense of professionalism.

Elikem Kumordzie reposted a picture Sarkodie had earlier posted on his timeline with the caption ‘Still got love for your talent bro, but your tailor no try’ and he will go on by adding ‘Let me hook you with something fresh next time’ whilst concluding with ‘Other African tailors would disappoint you except ELIKEM KUMORDZIE the tailor’

Following his comments, many online netizens have taken him to the court of public opinion and below are some comments from his own followers.

‘That messed up man you can’t do that, no wonder why Pokie left you. So much drama and you getting one unfollowing’ – @terry_mlambo

‘Never you criticize ur colleague in the fashion industry. Is against our working etiquettes. Private chat him if u really want him to do business with you than exposing him in this awkward manner. Show some respect bro – @piusiyke

‘Dude! I am a fan of your art and hustle but I have to say, u don’t put a person on blast like that publicly and expect them to respect and work with you. That is egocentric and rude to them and kind of disrespectful to the local tailor he was probably supporting. DM him next time please’ – @mlblingbling

‘You know who Sarkodie’s are, so why do you decide to disgrace your fellow colleagues in public for your selfish gains. I like your clothes but some of these posts makes me wonder’ – @dandicks_coldsteel

‘Dude… You can do so much better (I’m talking about your social media etiquette)’ – @madskillzgh


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