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Parliament implements mandatory body scan into Chamber

A number of strict security measures, including a body scan requirement for everyone, including the speaker of Parliament, have been revealed by the legislature.
The House through the Marshall’s office is also considering the idea of banning the use of mobile phones by journalists in the press gallery.

The Parliamentary Press Corps and the leadership, however, are vehemently opposed to this notion.

In announcing some of the security measures on the floor, speaker of Parliament Alban Bagbin explained the decision to enhance security in the legislative house is for the good of members, staff and visitors given the times the country finds itself.

“It’s compulsory for all Members including me, Speaker to pass through the machine to be scanned before we enter the Chamber of Parliament. All strangers who are also to do so, who intend coming in, whether to the public gallery, or to the Press gallery, or to the important visitors’ gallery are all to pass through the scanning machine. It’s for your own good that we want to implement this rule.

“So please, starting from tomorrow, any person who is not willing to pass through this machine will definitely not be allowed to enter this chamber.”

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