Oseikrom Sikanii won’t stop for no one!

Oseikrom Sikanii has always had a larger-than-life personality and he has been unapologetic about who he is and one never scared of the controversy that comes with a style like his. Aside from his obvious singing talent, his other talent seems to be the flashy bling lifestyle he lives with the gold teeth as well as jewellery and a garage of flashy cars.

According to Oseikrom Sikanii, he was always about the flashy lifestyle even before social media and so there’s no way he is going to stop it now. Here’s what he said ‘I lived lavishly before Social media, I won’t stop now’

Oseikrom Sikanii made his statement in response to critics who say he makes too flash of his lifestyle and needs to slow down whilst others are of the view, showing the lavish lifestyle is a wrong message to some fans of his as it influences them to indulge in all sorts of ills just for the taste of wealth as his. Whilst some others are of the view his show of lavish isn’t necessarily a bad thing as what he does isn’t different from what most rappers and artists, in general, do hence shouldn’t be made such a fuss of.

Oseikrom Sikanii aside his controversial side, is an immense talent who caught the attention of the industry and music lovers in the country generally with his ‘Sika Duro’ (Money Charm) song which featured the president of the stubborn Academy, Medikal. An instant hit which propelled him into the light and has since maintained his relevance in the commercial space with such songs as Obra (Life) and so many more.


What do you make of artists showing their lavish lifestyle, let us know in the comment box. This has been your errand boy with words as feet.

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