Okyeame Kwame pens beautiful love letter to wife

Ahead of Valentine day which is a special occasion for lovers to profess their love for each other, Okyeame Kwame has penned a love letter to his wife he has been married to for 15 years.

In an Instagram post, here’s what Okyeame Kwame penned to his wife “Someone asked me the way you flaunt your wife, are you not afraid people will tease you if something happens? I said, If you get a beautiful Porsche, would you not enjoy its drive, because it can be involved in an accident? I have done many things in my 45 years on earth, and I say nothing teaches me growth and maturity more than my relationship with you. You have given me the freedom to live with my life without an unhealthy attachment to your emotions.”

Okyeame Kwame would further add “You have taught me to be alone without feeling lonely. You have played all your roles with full involvement and passion for my growth and happiness.

My wife, my cook, my manger, my councilor, my confidant, our mom my late night wossop! You used to complete me.. even though I completed myself lately, life is more pleasurable knowing you’ve got me. In these 13 years, our relationship has changed from co-dependency to connected to free souls encouraging each other.Babe, Wo ye vibe, you keep my love alive! Thank you for helping me build my tribe. My princess… No! My Queen.. No, my goddess.. No! These titles cannot describe you. So I am describing you as you are… My Gangster”

He would conclude by adding “Reality check – I may not die without you, but I will be lost without you. You have been my homie, lover, and friend. Without pretence, you push me to the very end.All I’m saying is thank you for loving a difficult guy like me who is always changing. My promise to you today is I will love you no matter who or what you change into”


We wish the couple many more happy years of marriage!

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