‘My wife was cool’ – Medikal on his collaboration with Sister Derby

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Following the release of a song with his ex, Medikal has clarified the rumours making the rounds of a suspected breakup between himself and Fella Makafui.

Medikal has a well-known past with Sister Derby so he got tongues waggling after their collaboration especially as it came in the midst of a rumoured break up between himself and his wife after Fella Makafui deleted all pictures of herself and her husband Medikal.

In a new interview with Andy Dosty on Hitz Fm, Medikal maintained his wife was okay with the collaboration and has her trust as it was only done for the business and nothing else “My wife was cool, and I told her I want to do that. She was like this guy. She knows I am stubborn and I do the right thing. It’s normal with women, but she knows the type of person I am, and I am just doing business”

Medikal would continue by adding there was nothing between himself and Sister Derby as it was just business at the end of the day “I mean she is not a bad person or evil, so we only linked up for the music video. The song is Cold and Trophies, and it’s on my Planning and Plotting interlude”

Meanwhile, the artist also revealed he had cut professional ties with his manager Flow Delly due to ‘sensitive’ reasons whilst adding he was currently managing himself “I am no longer working with Flow Delly. The reason is quite sensitive so I don’t really wanna go into that but he is good, we are hustling. I am my own manager. I have a management team but I make things happen on my own and I have positive people around me helping out”

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