I stayed without sex for 14 years – McAbraham

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Popular gospel singer Mr Sarpong McAbraham has revealed how he once stayed celibate for 14 years before meeting his wife.

McAbraham who is widely acclaimed as one of the best gospel singers of all time in the country revealed mistakes made in the past forced him into taking such a hard decision on himself and also revealed having his firt child out of wedlock

McAbraham also revealed staying faithful to his wife in their 26 years of maariage and not for once did he cheat on his wife and hasn’t regretted the decision to stay faithful to one woman

In an interview with Hello Fm in Kumasi, the minister of God stated “I had my first child although I had not married at that time. But after I became born again, I stayed without sex for 14 years, 14 years! The holy spirit lived inside of me and I came to the realization that I did all the wrong things. After26 years of marriage, I had never cheated on my wife”

Meanwhile, the gospel singer also had a thing to say on the recent trend with pators having ‘sidechicks’ outside their marital home by recalling an encounter he once had with a pastor “The other day, a pastor was telling me that nowadays all pastors are having side chicks and I told him to personalize it. I told him to leave everybody else from it. He was making such statements in front of my wife”

McAbraham is one of the prominent names in the gospel industry as his over two decades career has produced some very powerful songs which to this day remains relevant although he has taken his foot off the gas in his career.

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