My surgery cost me $35,000 – Aisha Modi

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Aisha Mondi, the controversial Ghanaian socialite has revealed in an interview to what costs her body enhancements came with.

Aisha Modi made the headlines last week as she was crowned Queen mother and in a latest interview had this to say; “My surgery cost me between $35,000 and $37,000 from the flight, the surgery, hospice care, post-surgery medication, post-surgery massage, supplements, and other things,” she said.

And this amount includes the total cost she spent on surgery, post-op costs, her medication, hotels, flights, and even massages.

Aisha Modi would then go on to give a much more detailed breakdown by stating she used  $19,700 for her surgery, paid $3,000 for the hotel she lodged in while she was receiving treatment, and paid $3,000 for the first-class flight to the USA as well as a $100 dollar per session for 15

Aisha Modi would later reveal a duration of 6 months was required, and she is also eternally tied to taking vitamin supplements for the rest of her life and a strict adherence to her meal and their appropriate quantity to avoid an overload of calories needed by the body.

When asked if she had finally achieved her ideal body with such an amount, she would quickly and enthusiastically declare that she would make conscious efforts to maintain it.

“I’m doing everything I can to keep this body because I adore the new Ayisha Modi. I’ve been prescribed lifetime vitamins, which I take every day to maintain my body and be fit,” she said.

Ayisha Modi‘s new banging body became, as usual, became a subject in the court of public opinion as different people have very contrasting views with some supporting her whilst some others not in support of her decision but we are interested in your views.


Kindly share your thoughts and opinions with us, this has been your errand boy with words as feet!

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